ForestGan T-shirt (Last Order 12 March 2016)


ForestGan T-shirt (Last Order 12 March 2016)


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ForestGan T-shirt Back

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ForestGan T-shirt Front

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ForestGan T-shirt Side
订购与缴费载止: 12/3 (六) 18:00, 请大家提醒大家, 不会多印咯!
注1: 截至6/3(日)18:45为止, 已有156件。
注2: 数量已>100, 厂商允扣RM 2, 若超200再扣, 盈余一律归公:)


1. 图文皆來自甘老师的创作, 且>90%是老师手稿 。详见附件。

2. 前: 山岳学院课程证书文案; 后: 哥木国家公园建议版图; 袖:蓝色和平。

3. 由于非原稿, 图文难免粗糙, 但已请厂商协助尽力修图, 故成品会较清楚。

4. 圆领T恤; 布料: Dry-Fit (速干排汗)。

5. 有2款供选择: (1) 天蓝色/白字; (2) 柠綠色/黑字。

6. 每件RM20 (若订购数量超过100件, 厂商可再扣, 屆时盈余再归公處理)

7. 请点击以下链接, 选填您的款式、尺寸与数量, 然后將有关费用最迟于12/3 (六) 18:00之前汇款予敏萍。…/1jaBtnzM4Yjc88BcOCXn3PYJcMS…/edit…
@ 除了名字之外, 若不方便, 其他个人资料可免填, 但请一定要私讯通知敏萍 (012-4926779, 除非敏萍已有你的联络方式)

8. 订购截止日期: 12/3 (六) 18:00之前, 逾时恕难受理, T恤不会多印备售。

9. 付费方式:
(1) 戶名: LIM MEN PENG;
(2) 银行: MayBank;
(3) 号碼: 112455036901;
(4) 注明: “FG ?pc,你的名字”; 过后將汇款证明单传给敏萍 (012-4926779)。

10. T恤会于27/3老师庆生会发出, 若需邮寄者须自付邮费, 并请电邮敏萍( 告知地址 (最好不要我寄啦:p)。

English Version

Ordering and payment drive ending: 12/3 (six) 18:00, everyone please remind everyone, not much yan!
Note 1: as of 6/3 (Sun) 18:45 far, 156 Pack.
Note 2: the number has > 100, manufacturers Yoon-for RM 2, if the super 200 again for, surplus are null kung smile emoticon

Gan Cang Lin teacher mountain wish concept with T-shirt ordering

1. Graphic all from gan teacher of creative and > 90 % are teacher manuscript. See Annex.

2. Ago: Mountain College courses certificate copy; the latter: Brother Wooden National Park Recommendations Layout; Sleeves: Blue Peace.

3. Due to the non-Original Graphic inevitable, rough, but has been requested to assist the manufacturers in the effort to fix the figure, the finished product will be more clear.

4. T T-shirt; Fabric: What’s this,-Fit (Speed Dry Pai Khan).

5. A, paragraph 2 for options: (1) Sky Blue / white characters; (2) well green / Black.

6. Each Rm20 (if ordering more than 100 pieces, manufacturers for reusable, at which time the surplus are again kung address)

7. Please click the following link, fill out your style, size and quantity of the relevant costs would then be no later than 12/3 (six) 18:00 prior to the remittances min-ping.…/1jaBtnzM4Yjc88BcOCXn3PYJcMS…/edit…
@ in addition to the name, if it’s inconvenient, other personal information to fill out-free, but please have a private message notifications min-Ping (012-4926779, unless the min-ping has your contact way)

8. Ordering deadline: 12/3 (six) 18:00, more than before when I beg to entertain, T-shirt printed not much available for sale.

9. Payment method:
(1) Hù Míng: Lim but peng;
(2) Bank: Maybank;
(3) number: 112455036901;
(4) stated: ” the FG? PC, your name will be “; after proof of remittances passed min-Ping (012-4926779).

10. T-shirt will be in 27/3 happy birthday celebration issued, if need be yóu jì zhě pays postage, and requests the e-mail min-Ping (Menpenglim@Gmail.Com) informed the address (better not I sent it: P).

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